General Rules

  1. You may be called upon by the Class Teacher or Subject Teachers of your ward to visit the School by a request made in the diary.
  2. Parents are NOT allowed to visit the Classrooms or meet the teachers during School hours. Parents are not permitted to sit and note down any class work or homework during School hours.
  3. Private tuition is not encouraged. Parents must not engage teachers of the school as private tutors for their wards at all.
  4. Students are required to reach the school at least 15 minutes before the school starts. The school gates will be closed as soon as the assembly starts and students will not be given entry after that.
  5. English is the medium of instruction in our school. Therefore, it is compulsory for all students and teachers to use English Language for academic work as well as for conversation in the School premises (except in the Hindi class). Parents are encouraged to provide their children maximum exposure to English, as far as possible by allowing only viewing of educational English TV channels, English Newspapers & as far as possible speaking at home only in English.
  6. Attendance-&-Leave
    If the child remains absent, parents are to send a leave application and should accompany the child to note down the missed work. If a Student is absent from school for a period exceeding 15 days without a written application his/her admission will be cancelled and seat re-allotted to another student.
  7. Examination-&-Assesment
    Students will be assessed on their year round performance; and promotion to the next class will be on this basis. There will be at least 3 Tests (for every subject) in a Year, besides the Terminal Exams. (For every subject) in a Year, besides the Terminal Exams. (For Class 1st onwards).
  8. Marks will be shown to the parents during the Parent Teacher Meeting. Kindly note that the marks secured in these Class tests/Unit Tests will be added to the Grand Total.
  9. All Projects and Art / Craft work along with the Holiday Homework should be duly completed during the holidays and submitted to the Teachers concerned, as soon as the School reopens. college premises. In going from one classroom to another for special subjects, all shall move in an orderly manner.
  10. All promotions are decided only after careful consideration of all aspects of the pupil’s progress. Hence the decision of the Principal in this regard is final and binding.
  11. Students will not be allowed to sit for the examination until all fees and dues are cleared. Visiting Hours: The parents can meet to Principal on working days between 9:00am to 11:00am only.
  12. Teachers will be available to discuss with parents the progress of their wards during Parent-Teacher Meetings. However, parents may be allowed, in exceptional cases, to discuss the progress of their wards with the teachers concerned after school hours, as all teachers are required to stay back 15 minutes after the school gives over.Parents are requested not to cause disturbance by asking to meet the teacher when the classes are running. This causes disturbance to the whole class and will not be permitted anyhow.
  13. Uniform:
    The child should come in neat, tidy and proper uniform. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday regular school uniform with black shoes and Wednesday and Saturday white uniform with white shoes.
  14. The uniform will be checked everyday and if it is found untidy the student will be punished or may be sent back home. (To see the detail of uniform check diary)
  15. Nursery children will wear regular dress from Monday to Friday and any coloured dress (House) on Saturday. No jewellery (bangles, chains, long earrings, finger rings etc.) are to be worn to School as School will not be responsible to loss of such valuable items. No child is to apply nail polish or mehndi and come to school.
  16. General-Behaviour-&-Miscellaneous:
    Students should take special care of school property i.e. furniture, computers etc. Strict action will be taken against students who damage the school property.
  17. Parents & Guardians are requested to be courteous and never threaten/speak rudely to the school authorities, teachers and staff members. Any kind of insult, bad behavior, use of abusive language by parents/guardians will result in immediate cancellation of the admission of their ward, for which only the parents will be responsible.
  18. No one is allowed to chew paan or gutka in the school campus and the campus is a tobacco free zone.
  19. Mobile Phones, Cameras and other Electronic devices are strictly forbidden in the School campus.
  20. Pupils suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be permitted in the school till a medical clearance is received from a licensed doctor.
  21. For security reasons, Parents are not allowed to send Tiffin boxes through the guards or peons. Students must bring it with them when they come to school.
  22. Fee dates are 5th, 10th, and 15th of every month and after that a late fee of Rs 50/month will be charged. If the fee is not paid for 3 continuous months, the child’s name will be struck of the roll.
  23. Duly filled I-Card with a stamp size photograph is compulsory to be worn to the school everyday.