Founder Message

Wing. Cdr. Anoop Kumar Mehrotra

The TMPS Educational Society was started in the year 2002 with a vision to open schools in the rural areas and in that sector, who wants to give good education, wants to achieve something which is affordable and also provides proper guidance.

Keep all this in mind the TMPS society opened up a school in 20014 in Mehrudih a remote area in Allahabad..

The society is headed by the chairman Wing Cdr. Anoop Kumar Mehrotra (Retd.) from Indian Air Force who joined Air force as a fighter Pilot and then retired as an accessor helped students in who fulfilling their aspiration and dream of life. Candidate who wanted to join various field of defence.

Mrs. Priya Mehrotra

Mrs. Priya Mehrotra, founder and secretary of TMPS Educational Society, had a varied experience of teaching in different school and who was also the Principal of various Air force and public school for about ten years.